Examples of activities

In my work with Alzheimer’s Australia and dr Camp we developed a series of movies with example of activities to inspire family carers of people with dementia.

We firstly explained the 12 Montessori principles developed by dr Camp:

Activities were ordered following the 5 senses.

1. Looking: sorting pictures

2. Listening: to music

3. Touching: different materials

4. Smelling: arranging (perfumed) flowers

5. Tasting: squeezing oranges

(also an excellent activity to regain lower arm strenght!)

With courtesy to Alzheimer’s Australia and dr Camp for their permission to include these video’s on my blog. For more information regarding Alzheimer’s Australia ‘Relate, Motivate, Appreciate’ program of which I was the main author, you can click here. More about dr Camp’s work can be found here.