-stands for Mindfulness, Positivity & Participation

-describes a process where a mindful and positive attitude aim to lead to participation (maintaining a role)

-applies to when we work with people with (advanced) dementia, but also to ourselves and any other interactions where we might find it useful

-is like a smoothie. It has some basic ingredients (the milk & yoghurt), but the maker chooses the type of milk as well as what fruit to add, and possible some chocolate, vanilla or cinnamon as well

-combines elements of person-centered care (Kitwood), my readings of the work of Maria Montessori, 12 Montessori principles for Dementia (Camp), restorative care (Galick & Resnick) and mindfulness (Kabat-Zinn)

-‘s logo aims to represent the head and brain of a person with dementia. Although some gray matter is disappearing into thin air, the person remains intact with many colorful characteristics