Why would MP2 work?

MP2 and the 12 Montessori principles developed by dr Cameron Camp work with the so-called implicit memory.

If you have experience working or living with someone with dementia, then you will be well aware of the functions they may loose: for example explicit memories of facts and events (e.g. the question “when are we having lunch?” just after having lunch); remembering names of people and objects; executing complex tasks following a procedure (sequence), and; abstract thinking. These are all functions of the declarative/ explicit memory. Explicit memory is affected by dementia.

However, people also have a non-declarative or implicit memory. This kind of memory builds on habits, routine and motor learning, including, muscle memory. As a Dutch citizen, I am used to riding a bicycle for as long as I can remember. Now imagine, I am have 80 and have Alzheimer. If you ask me how to ride a bicycle, I will probably give you a blank stare. However, if you bring in a bicycle, put may hands on the steering wheel, I may well hop on and be on my way.

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