Bodily sensations of emotions

I have been preparing for a workshop based on MP2 and focussing on how Positive Attention (to selves and others) leads to (positive) Participation. Today, I (again) came across the great work of Nummenmaa et al. They have asked people to describe where they feel emotions in their bodies. This awareness can help us realise what we are feeling and what it may relate to. A brief video summary:

Montessori goes Indonesia

I am delighted to share that I will give a first Montessori for Dementia workshop in Indonesia. Dr Cameron Camp and I are collaborating and volunteering our services at a Mental Health Hospital in Lawang, East Java. Mba Jayanti Ika siwi has invited us and is currently making all the arrangements for the training that will take place in April. Excited to be back on the Montessori path, combined with MP2. All trains need two tracks, you see ❤

Guess who’s back?

I am delighted to be back online with my new website:

MP2 combines elements of mindfulness, person-centered care, restorative care, the 12 Montessori principles developed by Cameron Camp and my own readings of Maria Montessori to share a philosophy about how to interact with people with dementia. It is not a one size fits all! In my workshops I invite people to make their own smoothie: I present some ingredients, but everyone chooses for themselves which ones are to their taste.

For the Dutch speakers on this site:

Hierbij een filmpje gemaakt over de eerste WAD-training. De training is een aanpassing van de MP2-training, gemaakt voor zorgorganisatie Groot Hoogwaak in Noordwijk. WAD staat voor Waardering, Aandacht en Deelname, kernwoorden binnen de MP2-filosofie.